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Resources for Our Youth


Counseling Crisis Center: text CARE to 839863

Suicide: text NATIVE to 74174

LGBTQ Youth: text START to 678-678

Teen Line: text TEEN to 839863

Need2Text: text TALK to 38255

Truth: text DITCHVAPE to 88709

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Suicide Prevention: 

Youth Crisis Hotline: 

Substance Abuse Mental Health:


National Child Abuse:


National Sexual Assault:


South Dakota Quit Line:


LGBTQIA+ Helpline:


Crisis Pregnancy Hotline:


National Domestic Violence:


Wakpa Waste' Counseling Services: 964-0722

"Nothing about them, without them." 

We want you to have a say in how we support the youth of Cheyenne River.


Join our coalition and become a Youth Ambassador and have a say in how we work with you!

create a self care plan

The first step to creating a self care plan is to decide on somethings that helps ground you, and makes you happy! Some categories and examples are:

Physical, Emotional, Community, 

Financial, Spiritual, Occupational, 

Environment, and Intellectual.

The second step is to determine when you will start doing these acts of self love. It's okay to not to do all of the ones you came up with, or to only start one. You don't want to overwhelm yourself.


Try making sure to do one act of self love, no matter how big or small, once a week. Make a plan that the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or sad, to remember your self care, and do it as soon as you can. 

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