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Resources for Our Parents

Increase bonding in your home by completing these activities!

Possible Selves

Encourage your students to envision their future selves, set goals, and consider potential obstacles.

Story Telling

The tradition of passing down knowledge through oral storytelling not only increases traditional knowledge, but increases family bonding!

7 Lakota Values

Connect with your child any time by learning cultural knowledge together.

color together

Color the Phezuta Waste Coloring Book with  your family! Be sure to check out the conservation guides in the back about how to talk with your students about drugs.

IMG_4555 (2).jpg

I joined CTC because I attended a training about it through my work and thought it would be beneficial to the community. A couple of days later I realized that it was already here in the community and I wanted to be a part of positive change, so I reached out and joined.

Our Coalition members are parents, educators, health professionals, cultural leaders, and more!  

Join the CTC Coalition and see how you can make a positive impact in your community!

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