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Oral Stories

This series of books were created based on stories told from CRST members. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School Title VII Bilingual Program published these in the 1980's and we now have the gift of reading them to our wakȟaŋjeja (children). CTC also wants to thank Ms. Patti DeCory, and Joan Upell for helping us find these lost treasures. Recently, we have donated the books on behalf of Ms. DeCory to the HVJ Cultural Center in Eagle Butte, SD  for the rest of our people to enjoy.

Modern Day Interpretation for Iktomi Meets The Giant

"Today our communities and relatives have become swallowed by modern day giants, and many do not even know they have been swallowed. These modern-day giants are alcohol, drugs, commercial tobacco, violence, greed, and other negative social factors our communities and relatives face. Just like in the cultural story, we as a people, can defeat these giants through cultural practices and teachings of our way of life. We have always had the cure within our culture and now we must awaken it within ourselves to find a healthy balance." - Aaron David West Jr.

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