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CTC In Action

The CTC Coalition has been thankful for the many opportunities to work with our partnered organizations, and the amazing youth on Cheyenne River. 

Acronym Key:

CTC: Communities That Care Coalition

C-EB: Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Schools


CTC Members

CTC always does what they commit to which I admire.

The youth of our community deserve the best and CTC has the potential to collaborate with all other organizations to make that happen.


As a recipient of the eighth grade Communities That Care (CTC) Champion award last school year, and a participant in SDS activities this school year I feel very honored to be receiving this programming.

School administrator

Throughout the 2022-2023-2024 school years, the students, staff, and administration at Eagle Butte School District Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School have wholeheartedly embraced and benefited from the SDS events and activities that the Communities That Care (CTC) Coalition provides.