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Youth Ribbon Skirt

  • Description

    Youth Girls Size Large black and white ribbon skirt by Cheryl Red Bear. The skirt has an elastic waist that is 11 inches and expands to 20.5 inches. The hips are 20 inches and its 32 inches long. If you like this skirt and would like to see more work by Cheryl or order a customized piece you can call her at 605-218-0723 or email her at or email us at!

  • Meet the Artist

    Cheryl Red Bear is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, she is from the Mnicouju and Itazipco bands, and belongs to the Fights the Thunder Tiospaye. Her lakota name is Waca Ska Win, White Flower Woman. Cheryl loves art, it helps her emotionally, physically, and mentally, and also helps her connect with her Lakota culture and traditions. She is inspired by her unci (grandmother) Amy Counting Garter. Cheryl makes starquilts, handbags, wall hangings, ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts, and more! If you are interested in seeing more work by Cheryl or would like to order a cutom piece please contact her at 605-218-0723 or email her at