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White Shawl Greeting Card

  • Description

    A 4.6" by 7.2" greeting card featuring White Shawl. White Shawk is an acrylic painting by Cheyenne River Lakota Artist, Leland Benoist. The greeting card comes with a blank inside for you to use during any occasion. The black feautures the story of White Shawl and the artist. 

  • Meet the Artist

    Leland Benoist is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and also is a descendant of the Standing Rock SIoux Tribe on his mother’s side. He is Itazipcola/Hunkpapa.

    Leland creates artwork because it allows him the space to create without overthinking or worrying - using it as a form of healing and self-expression.

    Leland has participated in the Cheyenne’s River Youth Project’s RedCan Graffiti Jam as a headlining artist, has been invited to create for the Rapid City Art Alley, as well as local mural creation on Cheyenne River.

    Contact him at 605-218-0706 or

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