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White Shawl 11oz Mug

  • Description

    An 11 ounce coffee mug printed with an image of the artwork "White Shawl" by Cheyenne River Lakota Artist Leland Benoist. This mug is BEAUTIFUL! The mug is white with pink handle and inside. It is microwavable and diswasher safe. The back of the mug tells the story of White Shawl and has the artists signature. 

  • Meet the Artist

    Leland Benoist is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and also is a descendant of the Standing Rock SIoux Tribe on his mother’s side. He is Itazipcola/Hunkpapa.

    Leland creates artwork because it allows him the space to create without overthinking or worrying - using it as a form of healing and self-expression.

    Leland has participated in the Cheyenne’s River Youth Project’s RedCan Graffiti Jam as a headlining artist, has been invited to create for the Rapid City Art Alley, as well as local mural creation on Cheyenne River.

    Contact him at 605-218-0706 or

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