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CRST Communities That Care Coalition

Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

South Dakota, USA

Jaylynn Farlee

CTC Coordinator

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The Keya Foundation, Inc is proudly sponsoring the CRST Communities That Care Coalition in their efforts to increase quality of life for our youth on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Reservation.

Communities The Care Mission Statement

Cheyenne River is a community where our youth are healthy, culturally grounded, confident in their identity, and equipped with the fundamental skills for success in life.

What Does the CTC Do?

Past Efforts/Community Outreach

  • Offered free Mental Health First Aid training opportunity to C-EB Staff and youth serving organizations

  • Supported the Ohitika Writers movement within C-EB Jr. High.

  • Supported & awarded summer school attendance.

  • Supported the Weekend Water Days at the C-EB Track.

  • Art In The Park 2021 Community Outreach

  • Supported the Dakota Club Library

Coloring contest

  • CRST Communities That Care Coalition Announces 2021 Coloring Contest Winners! The CRST Communities That Care Coalition is excited to announce the winners of the 2021 coloring contest!  A total of 33 youth from the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Upper Elementary school participated in the event. The artwork prompted the youth to think about how they feel when an adult spends time with them, and encouraged thoughts of what they dream for their community! The youth did amazing work and it shows in their choice of color, design, and responses! We also want to thank our partners at the school who played a large part in helping to make this contest happen. You can find pictures of the winner’s artwork on the CTC Coalition Facebook page @CheyenneRiverCTC. Each winner received a certificate and a ten dollars prize. The winners from the participating schools were: 

  • Cheyenne Eagle Butte Primary and Upper Elementary Schools:  

    • Fourth Grade - Emma Collins, Betti Lawrence, Caylor Rivers

    • Fifth Grade - Darian Eagle Staff

    • Sixth Grade – Ran’Dunn Bear Stops, Fanny Thompson

EB Youth Recap Activity Sheet

  •  CRST Communities That Care Coalition Announces 2022 Youth Recap winners! The CRST Communities That Care Coalition is excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Youth Recap activities sheet.  Over 100 total youth from Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School and Windswept Academy participated in the event. Students from grades 5th-8th completed this activity sheet that asked them questions to encourage them to think on the year that has passed, and make goals for the year 2022. It also asked students what activities they enjoy doing with family, and friends, and how they can do something nice for a friend this year. These students did an amazing job, and we loved to read their responses. We also want to thank our partners, the schools, who allowed us to do this with the students. And a big thanks to Paula Jensen, Jaime O’Neal, and Gabriela Toviah for their work to get the documents to the students! The CTC Youth Involvement and Community Outreach Workgroup members judged all 100+ entries and were amazed by our youths’ responses. You can find pictures of the winning documents and the students on the CTC Coalition Facebook page @CheyenneRiverCTC. Each winner received a certificate and CTC T-Shirt.  The winners from the participating schools were:  

  • Cheyenne Eagle Butte Schools:  

    • Fifth Grade -   Rowyn Bowman

    • Sixth Grade - Gabrielle Dupris

    • Seventh Grade – Mariah Lara

    • Eighth Grade – Angelique Red Dog

  • Windswept Academy:  

    • Fifth Grade -   Sabrianne Grindstone

    • Seventh Grade – Jason LaPlante

    • Eighth Grade – Ayden Uses Knife


Nominate a CTC Champion!

The CRST CTC Communities That Care Coalition is currently in the middle of an effort to praise the students of C-EB and Windswept Acadamy who are currently in grades 6th, 8th, and 12th. CTC research shows that by creating opportunity, developing skills, and recognizing youth success, that it can lead to positive youth development, bonding, and a standard for clear and healthy behaviors. Parents, teachers, and family friends can nominate a student who portrays the CTC mission statement. Use the link in the form to answer some questions about the student you are nominating. Winners receive a CTC T-shirt and prize value at $100! Nominations are due by May 6th, 2022!

 If you would like to hear more about CTC, and their plans to improve youth quality of life please reach out to their coordinator Jaylynn Stocklin, or talk to one of their many Coalition members

Ahanni Knight

Alberta Miner

Andrew Corley 

Cadyn Dupris

Cora Petersen

Dew Badwarrior-Ganje

Jennifer Bowman

Joan Upell 

Joe Brings Plenty Sr.

JoEllen Berndt

Joette Lee 

Julie Thorstenson

Kathie Bowker

Kara Four Bear

Kelsie Haskell

K'Lona Lofton

Leah Spiel

Marie Gross

Medina Matonis

Monica Stambach

Rae O'Leary 

Ryia LeBeau 

Sydney Schad

Toni Handboy 

Tyra  Dupris (Lends His Horse)

Wayne Leo Ducheneaux II

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