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Our Story

We are a Non-Profit Group that is dedicated to “Helping Others Help Themselves”.   Based on the Cheyenne River Reservation The Keya Foundation is governed by a 5-person Board of Directors made up of community members from all across the reservation.  The vision of the foundation is to build capacity within the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal communities.  The mission for the foundation is partnering with underserved communities through education, social health, and cultural renewal to invest in themselves, their families, and their communities for a future of endurance, longevity and protection. 

Along with several other projects the Keya Foundation has founded the Lakota Artist Coalition (LAC).  The idea behind this group is to foster a sense of economic growth and prosperity in our art community and artists.  This will start with teaching the business/marketing side of their trade, as well as to create an online marketplace and a marketplace right here in the area for their artworks to be displayed and sold.

Our work is led by knowing that every effort we put forth needs to be directed at building the capacity of rural people to help themselves grow and prosper in life.  We view each project as an opportunity to teach people what we know and for us to learn what they know.  Our goal is for those whom we mentor to replace us.  More than that: our ultimate goal is for those whom we mentor to outshine us.To learn more and stay updated, check out our Facebook Page

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